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*Contact Information
Social Affairs Department, Hsinchu City Government
Address:No. 241, Zhongyang Rd., Hsinchu City
Section contacts of Social Affairs Department
Section Ext. Direct line FAX
Director-general’s Office 298 5351906  
Director-deputy’s Office 299 5352375  
Social assistance section and senior citizens’ welfare section 201、202、203、205、206 5350893、5352657、5352653 5350653
Social Affairs Administration Section 301、302、303、305 5351501、5351502 5351509
Disabled Welfare Section 501、502、503、505 5151560、5352615、5351215、5352133 5350830
Social work section 601、602、603、605、606、607、608 5352151、5352152、5352153、5352261 5352156
Women & Children Welfare Section 801、802、803、805、806 5352102、5352103、5352106、5351312 5352521
Family welfare service center in Hsinchu City   5355510 Ext.152、153、155、156、161、162、163、165 5352521
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Address:No.241, Zhongyang Rd., Hsinchu City,30041,Taiwan, ROC 
Business hours:Monday to Friday 8:00 to 12:00, 13:00 to 17:00
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